Q. How do I register for the upcoming season?

A. Registration for the 2023-24 season opens Wednesday, September 6th. We ask that everyone register on line through our website. Click the registration menu on the left hand side of the screen or use following link to begin the registration process.

Q. How much does it cost and what does the fee include?

A. The cost to play for grades 3 through 8 is $165.00 The cost for high school girls (grades 9 and 10) is $175 while the cost for boys (grades 9 and 10) is $225. We are no longer offering leagues for grades 11 and 12.  After October 15th, there will be a $15 late fee assessed to all registrations. If you need to purchase a uniform that is an additional $20.00. Every team uses the same blue and red reversible jersey's from year to year. If you already have a uniform from a previous year you do not need to purchase one.   See table below for dates... 

Registration Fees Sept 6th - Oct 15th Oct 16th - Oct 30th
Jersey $20 $20
Girls grades 3 through 8 $165 $180
Boys grades 3 through 8 $165 $180
Girls 9 through 10 $175 $190
Boys 9 through 10 $225 $240

Q. What are the registration dates/deadlines?

A.  See table below for dates... 

Registration Period Deadline Dates
Priority Registration Sept 6th - Oct. 15th.
Late / Waitlist Registration Oct. 16th - Oct. 30th

* Priority Registration guarantees same team placement from previous year if so desired.

Q. Is there a way I can register in person?

A. We ask that everyone register on line.  We also ask that you pay on line with credit card or through PayPal.  We no longer accept checks, cash, or payments over the phone. There are no exceptions. This is the most secure for us to accept your transaction. Thank you for your understanding. If you have questions contact our treasurer Jennifer McGibbon at jenmcgibbon@ hotmail.com

Q. Does the NYBA offer refunds?

A. If you request a refund prior to the first game of the season, the NYBA will refund all of the registration fee less a $10 handling fee. No refunds will be granted after the first game of the season has been played. If you need a refund, please contact Jennifer McGibbon, the NYBA Treasurer, at jenmcgibbon@hotmail.com

I do not remember my username that I used last year to register my child. I still cannot login. What do I do?

A. Once you have created an account if you come back to login and don't remember your user name then send mail to nybahoops@gmail.com and we can help you identify.


Q. Is the registration open to anyone or only those who have played in the league before?

A. The NYBA welcomes any player who wishes to participate in the league, regardless of skill level or prior experience. A new player entering the league will be either added to an existing team with an open spot on its roster or be placed on a newly formed team.

Q. Once I am registered, am I allowed to return to the website and pay my child’s registration fee?

A. Yes. Follow the steps below...

  • Login to your account
  • Click the PayNow button at the bottom center of the page.
  • Follow PayPal instructions to make payment.

Q. How do I get placed on a team?

A. We make every effort to keep participants from the same school and living in the same areas on the same teams. Having said that, our goal is to limit each team to 10 players. In some cases there may be teams with 11 players. We also allow every returning player first right to return to their team from the previous year. A player loses this right if he or she does not register and pay on time (by September 30th). The registration process also allows you to make team requests as well. Your league coordinator will take your requests into consideration when making team assignments. He or she will do what they can to give you a good fit. At the same time we cannot accommodate random jumping from team to team. Our goal is to try and keep all teams competitive with respect to their competition.

Q. When are the games played?

A. NYBA has traditionally played all games on Saturday. This continues to be the case for all games except for the high school boys and girls programs. Those games are usually Sundays. Those games were moved to Sunday's in order to secure the right gyms and dedicate the appropriate referees for handling those games. Every team plays a total of 10 regular season games. First regular season game is scheduled for end of November. Games continue through December, January, and February.

Q. How are practice gyms assigned?

A.  After coaches have been identified and teams formed, the league coordinators ask the coaches to provide their practice time preferences.  They are asked to list (3) options for day of week, gym location, and time of day.  They are also asked which is most important, day of week, time of day or location.  This information is then provided to the Gym Coordinator (Don Nordby), who then tries to accommodate, to the extent possible, the inputs of over 200 teams. The practice times then are posted to the website and coaches are notified by the league coordinators.

Q. How many practices are there each week?

A.Your team will practice one or two times per week depending on grade level and coaches preference. For grades 3 through 7, your coach can request two 60 minute practices or one 90 minute practice. For grades 8 through 9 your coach can request one 60 minute practice or one 90 minute practice. For grades 10 through 12 you will have one 60 minute practice, unless it is on Friday or after 8pm Mon-Thursday. You can request one 90 minute practice if it falls within this criteria.

Q. Can I donate my old uniform?

A. Yes, we then provide the donated uniforms to players with a financial hardship.

Q. Can I trade my uniform in for a larger one?

A. No, you will need to purchase a new uniform.

Q. Two players on my team have the same number, what can we do?

A. You can trade for another used uniform, of the same size, with a new number.

Q. Who should I contact if I have a uniform question?

A. Melanie Murray NYBAJerseys@gmail.com

Q. What size basketball do I need?

A. See the chart below for appropriate size ball.

NYBA - Basketball Size Chart
Gender Grades Baden Contender Baden Team International Size US Size
Boys    7-12 301 351 7 125
Girls 5-12 285 346 6 115/120
Boys 3-6 285 346 6 115/120
Girls 3-4 251 NA 5 110

Q. How do I get my uniform?

A. Coaches pick up the uniforms for their teams in late November. Each coach will then distribute to the players at one of the following practices.

Q. What is the NYBA Mission Statement?

A.  NYBA Mission Statement 

Q. Is there any training available for coaches?

A. Yes. The NYBA works in conjunction with Home Court to provide a couple of free workshops for coaches. These clinics or workshops usually take place at the beginning of the season. See the calendar for dates.

Q. How much playing time will each player get? 

A. All players get an even amount of playing time (except for disciplinary actions).   Even playing time is enforced with regular substitutions at every five minute intervals. If all 10 players are present, every player should play exactly half the game.

Q. Are there special rules for the NYBA?

A. Yes, please view the link for Rules.

Q. What is the code of conduct?

A.  Go to Code of Conduct.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to Contact Us